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Fort Worth Bioidentical Doctor, Craig Nelon, D.O. of Burleson Family Medical Center, P.A. strives to provide personalized, efficient, and timely medical attention to each patient. Burleson Family Medical Center looks forward to your good health, as well as building a long and healthy relationship with you. Fort Worth Bioidentical Doctor, Craig Nelon D.O., knows that life can be better than you think; with Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy we can offer a way that is manageable.

Why is Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) different from other forms of hormone replacement?

Hormones used in other forms of hormone replacement are made from animal waste or manufactured with a chemical structure foreign to the human body. They are not identical to human hormones and have a risk of harmful side effects. This is because a similar hormone that is not identical to a human hormone will only partly recognize the human cell receptors, and also recognize other receptors it is not supposed to recognize. This can cause health problems.

Even when the true human form of the hormone is used, most standard replacement therapy only offers a one-size-fits-all approach. In standard hormone therapy, very few dosages are available. Usually individualization is not possible with standard pharmaceutical grade hormone preparations. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy uses identical human hormones in the biologically appropriate amount to suit each individual’s needs—each person receiving exactly the right amount of the hormones in which he or she is deficient, based on laboratory and clinical data collected on each patient. Fort Worth Bioidentical Doctor, Craig Nelon D.O. tailors programs to suit patients’ individual needs.

What are the causes of hormonal imbalances?

Hormones can become imbalanced at any point in life for different reasons. Common reasons for hormone decline include aging, excessive stress, poor nutrition, lack of sleep, excess body fat, and excessive smoking, alcohol, or recreational drug intake. While there are many reasons for hormone decline, the most universal reason is aging. We all age, and as we do the body loses some vitality and can no longer produce the same amount of hormones. Stress can cause the adrenal glands, which produce a small amount of sex hormones, to convert the materials used to make these sex hormones into cortisol, a hormone that counteracts the effects of stress. Hormones are produced in different amount during the course of a day. Without proper sleep, the wrong amount can be produced. Without proper nutrition, the body does not have the right materials or enzymes to make important hormones. Excessive body fat increases estrogen levels, which can suppress the functions of other hormones. Chemical and biological effects from alcohol, tobacco, prescription and recreation drugs, or the environment, including exposure to light at night, can also lead to inappropriate hormone production. Whatever the reason for hormonal disruption, Dr. Craig Nelon’s Fort Worth-area Burleson Family Medical Center has a bioidentical program to you rebalance your hormones.

Who can benefit from Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy helps patients recover from hormone decline and improves symptoms related to hormone imbalances. Many different types of hormone imbalances can be successfully treated. Commonly, women seek to reduce the effects of perimenopause and menopause, and men seek to reduce the more gradual effects of andropause. Women in their reproductive years may use bioidentical hormones to reduce the effects of PMS, regulate their periods, and improve the symptoms of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. People that are suffering from autoimmune syndromes such as chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia and syndromes related to high stress, such as Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome may also benefit from bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. Thyroid disorders can be helped with bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.

Which hormones are often replaced?

In the body, the hormonal network is an intricate system that can easily be thrown off. Because hormones are interconnected, one hormone imbalance can lead to multiple other imbalances. Usually, in women, the sex hormones estrogen and progesterone can become deficient with aging, and in men, testosterone can become inadequate. When sex hormones decline, often thyroid hormone, which regulates all aspects of metabolism, can also be adversely affected. High levels of stress can reduce pregnenolone and DHEA, which are building blocks for the sex hormones. Fort Worth Bioidentical Doctor, Craig Nelon D.O. can help replenish these hormones and restore hormone balance in both men and women.

Patient Reviews

Dr. Nelon provides excellent patient focused care and takes time to carefully explain his decisions when it comes to your health. Their staff is friendly and has always treated me like family. -Chad Herron

I like that Dr. Nelon definitely takes his time with his patients and also really cares about his patients which is great. They’re all awesome there. -Gina McReynolds

Fort Worth Bioidentical Doctor, Craig Nelon D.O. has helped hundreds of men and women struggling with hormone related health problems relieve their symptoms, regain their youthful interest and vigor, and improve their general health with a properly designed, medically approved bioidentical hormone replacement program.

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